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The 68000 Simulator is a simulator for the 68000 microprocessor. The simulator will run any 68000 program contained in a listing file (.LST) with properly formatted. The 68000 Editor also was developed as complement to the 68000 Simulator.

The 68000 Simulator output has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 98 and Red Hat Linux 9 platforms.

The software only can read the listing file that have same format as listing file created by Flight68k Cross-Assembler. Please refer the examples that included in downloadable archive. You can view the source code in HTML format and refer the API Specification.





Download the program.

 Installing and usage, assumes a certain level of technical knowledge.

    Windows platform:

  1. Double-click the installer, setup.exe.
  2. Then, step through the installer.
  3. To use the program, choose the appropriate link at the start menu.
  4. If problem with default link, browse to folder where program installed. Then double-click the file "68000 Simulator.jar".


  1. Unzip  68000sim.zip in a folder.
  2. Type command "java -jar 68000simulator.jar" at the console.



1. Source code in HTML format.

    - Virtual 68000 Microprocessor

    - GUI for 68000 Simulator

    - GUI for 68000 Editor

    - Test scripts

2. API Specification.


Development Tools

1. Java 2 SDK, SE.  (download from http://java.sun.com/)

2. Eclipse v2.1. Main Java development tool.



1. M68000 Programmer's Reference Manual and User Manual. (download softcopy at Motorolla's website)

2. JavaTM SDK, Standard Edition Documentation. (download)

3. Thinking in Java and Thinking in Pattern. (online version at BruceEckel.com)

4. The Java Tutorial.

5. Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language



Author: Helmi bin Ibrahim

Please report bugs and comments to helmi03@yahoo.com.


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